Model Kendall Jenner shows off her long legs wearing the tiniest bikini. (Picture: Instagram)
Model Kendall Jenner shows off her long legs wearing the tiniest bikini. (Picture: Instagram)

TREND ALERT: Get your summer body ready for the micro bikini

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Sep 30, 2018

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For the woman who prefers to cover things up in one-piece swimwear, this one isn't for you. 

Last year the "Baywatch" babe high cut bikini was a hit on all the beaches. The high cut was often waist high but at least your navel was covered.

This year the high cut bikini has shrunk. Where the 2017 high cut bikini still covered a fair amount of skin, this year's bikini only covers the bare essentials. Now you have a high cut bikini that looks like a "V".  They should actually call it the "vikini".

Then there's the even tinier drawstring "microtinis" (micro bikinis). These are basically a tiny piece of fabric held together with a string. 

If you prefer to show off your rear assets the G-string is back in full force. Just as we thought the that the G-string had vanished for good, it's now reared its booty exposing head on the swimwear scene. Now your front and back are just about covered.

These skimpy, high-waisted and bare bottom bikinis leave very little to the imagination so it's no surprise that they've become an Instagram hit.

We all know that when it comes to celebs, less is definitely more -more LIKES that is! 

These bikinis might not cover much but they are flattering for most body shapes. The high waist draws attention to your waist giving your body the illusion of a smaller waist creating that desired hourglass shape.

As mentioned above, celebrities are taking any and every opportunity to show off their bodies in the barely there bikinis. 

Here are a few of those celebs who love to bare almost all:

You can't mention the word "bikini" and not have Kim Kardashian West in the same sentence - one would swear the woman lives in bikinis. This year we've seen the curvy reality TV star in various bikini styles, including the G-string. 

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What were we looking at 👀 ?!?!

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Model Kendall Jenner showed off her long legs in one of a V-shaped high cut bikinis from their Kendall+Kylie collection. Mother of three, Kourtney, clearly shares her sisters love for the g-string when she posted a picture of herself wearing a bottom exposing floral bikini.

Mother of three, Kourtney Kardashian, shows off her bare behind. (Picture: Instagram)

The reality TV stars are not the only ones loving these tiny bikinis. Plus size model Ashley Graham recently showed off her full figure in a red and white micro bikini.

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Love my @si_swimsuit fam bam!

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Victoria Secret model, Bella Hadid, isn't new to wearing tiny bits of fabric when she struts down the runway in skimpy underwear, so it's no surprise seeing the model in one of these barely-there bikinis. 

Another model who's loving them is Emily Ratajkowski. Wearing a blue and white polka dot bikini she left nothing to the imagination.

Model Emily Ratajkowski wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot micro bikini. (Picture: Instagram)

WARNING: For those who are daring enough to want to wear these bikinis there are a few things to bare in mind:

Firstly you’ll need to remove just about all body hair. Secondly, when going into the ocean or diving into a swimming pool, hold onto that bikini because you might emerge naked.

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