Wicker bags bridges the gap between the beach and the streets. (Picture: Instagram)

Key influencers’ Instagram accounts are dotted with snaps of them sitting in quaint cafes, leaning against a wall of graffiti or lounging on white sand beaches.

But, no matter the destination, a common item seen among the images are their statement bags slung over a shoulder or dangling around wrists.

The round wicker bag has become very popular. (Picture: Instagram)

The fashion world churns out throngs of new bag trends with every changing season. This summer, it’s the wicker bag, a style more unexpected than its predecessors.

This design has an edgier modern style. (Picture: Instagram)

Referred to as wicker, rattan or straw, the material is somewhat reminiscent of picnic baskets.

Wicker handbags are increasingly cropping up on Instagram.

Plaited or woven into any style, from hand-held baskets to clutch bags and oversized shopper bags, they vary in style, from structured box bags to slouchy totes.

Wicker handbags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Pom-poms, embroidery, leather straps and metal locks are often added to elevate the look, taking it from beach-chic to fashion week.

Pom-poms are often added to elevate the look. (Picture: Instagram)
Dyed strawflowers are woven into this wicker bag, blending two popular trends.