Vanity rooms to inspire you. (Picture: got2beclassy/Instagram)

As a mom of three, my mornings are always a mad rush. If I manage to squeeze in 5 minutes to apply just a hint of makeup is a miracle. Those 5 minutes rapidly disappear when I get to my dressing table and it’s a mess! Usually from the rush the morning before or my teen daughter helping herself to mamma’s makeup.

Needless to say, there are brushes all over. Finding a specific colour lipstick takes so long I eventually end up wearing lip balm. Don’t get me started on the eyeshadows. 

Then I scroll through Instagram checking out all the beautiful vanity rooms. With their Hollywood mirrors with the lights, pretty fury seats and of course neatly organized makeup. Each with their very own holders. Like a little piece of makeup lover's heaven.

Here are a few of my favourite vanity rooms I can only dream about. 

Sometimes something simple is all I need...

Then there are times when a girl needs to be a bit extra....

I made some major updates to my closet/vanity room this last year: Replaced and added lots of new furniture #swipeleft⬅️ to see the old set up. Let me know your thoughts 💭🤔? My Hollywood vanity and desk mirror are from @impressionsvanity; they’re currently having a big sale. Use my code ‘RACHELVOGT’ to save some 💰. Shop the rest of my furnitures by following me @rachelvogttrends on the app #liketkit #LTKhome 🙏🏼Thanks to my sweet husband for slaving away yesterday to move my whole room around and build the new tall cabinets for my Chanel bags/storage #thankgodforgoodhusbands ❤️. OMG I still needs to do an #unboxing 🎁 of my Europe trip purchases for you guys. Also, are you guys into the new IG TV? Should I do a room tour on there or just stick with Instastories? #closet #closetorganization #closetgoals #vanityroom #luxuryhomedecor #allwhiteroom #myhappyplace

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A little something for those who are looking for a more contemporary feel...

The old souls would love something with a more vintage feel