Victoria Beckham. (Picture: Instagram)

The 44-year-old fashion designer has admitted that she can no longer "be bothered" to worry about how she looks all the time as she cares more about "creating for other women" than how people see her. 

In an interview with Vogue Australia, she said: "Now it's less about me wanting to be seen. It's not so much about me, it's about what I'm creating for other women. 

"When I used to go out, it was, 'Watch what I eat for lunch, because I've got a tight dress and I need a flat tummy.'

"I mean, who can be bothered with that now? I'm too busy. I'm older and things like that don't matter to me."

Victoria - who shot to fame as Posh Spice in pop group the Spice Girls - launched her eponymous label in 2008 and when she lived in Los Angeles with her husband David Beckham and their children for his soccer career she was focused on building the brand Stateside.

The star celebrated the brand's 10th anniversary by holding a show at London Fashion Week this week and she wanted to mark the momentous occasion in her home city because she wanted her family and friends to be part of it.

She said: "The great thing about living in America was showing in America. Back then, it was a bigger stage, there were more buyers going to New York and you could start selling immediately after the show.

"I knew there were rules I had to abide by, but I wanted to be entrepreneurial and find different ways of doing things. I was a pop star who turned into a fashion designer and I didn't want to do things the same way everyone else was doing them. And probably because I was a little naive, I wasn't scared to take on those challenges in my own way.

"It made sense for my 10th anniversary. I'm from England, my brand is British, and I was excited to celebrate with family members who've never had a chance to see a show."