Rapper Nicki Minaj is just one celeb to suffer an embarrassing wardrobe moment. (Instagram)

You’re having a night out with the girls and dressed to the nine but you have a bra strap that keeps slipping down, or your heels are way too high so you’re walking like a newborn baby giraffe.

Those might be the kinds of things that could spoil a night out.

So how would you feel if your boob slipped out of your top or you accidentally flashed everybody your panties? I’m sure most of you are cringing but these things actually happen. 

It’s especially embarrassing when it happens and the whole world gets to see it and there are a number of celebs who know all about it.
Before I continue here’s a tip for all the ladies out there: When you go out ALWAYS wear panties. 

Let’s have a look at those celebs who have suffered embarrassing moments due to wardrobe malfunctions.