With such a wide variety of foundation textures it’s no wonder that there are so many different ways to apply it. Depending on your preference there are different tools to apply your foundation. Here’s a beginners guide to the various tools and tips on how to use them.

Flat brush
Probably one of the easiest foundation brushes to use, this flat brush is great to get into those hard-to-reach spots - which makes it perfect to use as a concealer brush as well.


Stippling brush

This multi-purpose brush can be used to apply foundation, blusher, bronzer, finishing powder, cream and liquid foundation. Drop some foundation onto the back of your hand, then dab the brush into it and lightly dot it onto your skin. Once you’ve stippled the foundation, you can blend it by gently swirling the brush in circles.


Blending sponge

For those who are a bit nervous about using brushes, this a great alternative. It’s fantastic for blending as well as applying foundation. To use as an applicator, squeeze a few drops of foundation directly onto the sponge and pat product onto your skin, then blend. 


Dot foundation on your face then, with the tips of your fingers, spread and blend it.