SA boys tell us how much their outfits are. (Picture: Youtube)
SA boys tell us how much their outfits are. (Picture: Youtube)

WATCH: How much young South Africans outfits cost

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 17, 2019

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Ever check out someone's outfit and wonder how much they paid for it? 

Well "The Unknown Vlogs" (a Youtube blogger) wonders the same thing and has made it his mission to find out.

Travelling around the world he's made videos of youngsters responding to his question: "How much is your outfit?". 

He stopped over in South Africa and got a bunch of students together to open up about how much their clothes cost.

The group of boys didn't hesitate to "brag" about how expensive some of their clothing items are. Mentioning international luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Burberry and Armani.

Prices varied from ridiculous to questionable even quoted in dollars. 

Some would think that student wearing a pair of sneakers costing R15k or R14k to be a bit excessive. 

There's a guy who's outfit seemed fairly sensibly priced until he mentioned the price of his bag (R8000) and belt (R5000).

The guy who's so impressed with his R2000 Gucci shades might want to have a chat to his supplier. 

Sadly only ONE of the guys wore a South African brand, Sol Sol.

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