Model Karon picking up some tips from Hector. (Picture: YouTube)

“Foundation, powder and a splash of pizza grease” was male model Karon’s response when Hector Espinal asked him about his male grooming “situation” on set.

Needless to say, Hector, who’s the Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist, didn’t look too impressed and was quick to offer the model some tips on male grooming.

Fenty Beauty makeup artist with male model Karon. (Picture: Instagram)

Hector teaches all guys, not just models, perfect male grooming in a very easy to follow video in which he demonstrates how to look fresh and young with very little makeup. 

This routine is “for the fellas who are not into modelling and just want to look fresh and young” says Hector.

The routine is ideal for the guy who doesn’t wear any makeup or who’s just come out of the gym.

Using Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, the makeup artist shows guys how to conceal, cover up razor bumps and get rid of shine.

There are a few tips in the video that the ladies can learn from as well.