A brave model wearing nothing but bits of tape. (Picture: Instagram/_caliva_)

You can repair, close and wrap things with it and now you can use it to make bikinis. 

What am I talking about? DUCT TAPE!

Yes. Strategically placed strips of duct tape are the latest in bikini wear. 

Guests at the Black Tape Project, who made their NYFW debut show were understandably surprised to see models come down catwalk "wearing" bits and pieces of tape barely covering their bits and pieces.

These swimsuits and underwear designs were the creation of fashion graduate Joel Alvarez. Some designs featured black tape with metal studs giving them a bondage feel. While others were made up of small metallic bits resembling pieces of cut glass.

For some of us ripping a bandaid off is painful, can you imagine how it must feel to get these off? OUCH!

Here's a look at how these swimsuits are created. Hats off to these very brave models.