KWV first released it's fragrances in 1930. Picture by Nathan Adams
Tucked away in a glass cabinet at the South African Perfume Museum, you'll find the largest collection of KWV fragrances.

In the early days of the winemaker's history, they commissioned the perfume to be created and it was given away for free alongside their early wines and spirits.

According to its website: "In 1918, the year Nelson Mandela was born, South African wine farmers founded KWV with the aim of stabilising, supporting and structuring a young, struggling industry."

KWV does also reference their perfume range in the timeline of the company's history, in 1930 and says: "Alternatives to wine are developed (in 1930) by KWV for export. These include a healthy grape juice drink as well as KWV Eau de Cologne, crafted by the brandy master at the time."

Hidden away in Franschhoek is the largest collection of KWV fragrances. Picture by Nathan Adams

Daniela Kumanov is the curator of the Perfume Museum and says South Africans can be proud of the KWV fragrance. She has assembled the largest collection KWV Eau de Cologne, and although you can see the bottles on display, unfortunately, you're not allowed to get a whiff of it.

The musky notes of the perfume might still linger today, if you can get your hands on a bottle.

A quick internet search shows that the last KWV Eau de Cologne that was sold online was in April 2015 when a 275ml bottle sold for just R95.

WATCH: The KWV Eau de Cologne you never knew existed

WATCH: The KWV Eau de Cologne you never knew existed. Nathan Adams
The South African Perfume Museum is in Lambrecht Street Franschhoek at the Huguenot Museum. Contact 0723424174 to book a tour or a spot at the Kumanov Prive Perfume Workshop