Deciding to cut your hair very short might always be the best idea. (Picture: Pexel)
Deciding to cut your hair very short might always be the best idea. (Picture: Pexel)

Ways to ease the transition from short to long hair

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Aug 13, 2018

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Every now and then a woman decides that she needs a change. One of the easiest and quickest ways to do so is changing your hair. Whether you go for a wild colour or change your hairstyle, the result is a dramatic change. Unfortunately, some choices can leave you stuck with hair you don’t like.

This often happens to women who decide to do something as dramatic as cutting their hair really short. Like boys buzz cut short! It might have been a good idea at the time until a month down the line when you realize that you didn’t really think it through. 

When your hair starts growing out it gets to that frustrating stage when you don’t know if you want to cut it again or grow it back. Deciding to grow your hair out is a painful process that feels like an eternity.

There are ways to ease you through that frustrating phase. Here a few tips to help you resist the urge to cut.

If your hair at the mini afro stage that headbands are your best friends. Use pretty jewelled or floral alice bands for an easy way to brighten your look. 

For hair that’s a little bit longer grab a pack of hairpins and get creative by twisting your hair into different styles. The pins are essential to hold the twists in place.

Hair pins come in handy when you want to create different looks. (Picture: Pexel)

By the time your hair is down to ear length, you can start braiding your hair. There are so many options to explore with braiding.

When your hair finally gets to your neck you’re home free. Have your hairstylist shape your hair into a style you can wear down or up.

Just remember that when all else fails, you always turn to your scarfs and get creative with head wraps. 

When all else fails reach for a scarf. (Picture: Instagram)

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