5 unusual wedding dress trends for the unconventional bride

Bridal suits are a big wedding trend for 2021. Picture: Instagram.

Bridal suits are a big wedding trend for 2021. Picture: Instagram.

Published May 26, 2021


From something borrowed to something blue, weddings have a rich history of traditions that people incorporate into their special day.

This is especially true for wedding gowns that are typically white, long, ball gowns with a veil and train.

In recent years, brides are moving away from the conventional and opting for outfits that highlight their personality, make them feel beautiful and favour fashion over tradition.

5 unconventional bridal gown trends for 2021:

Mini dress

There are many reasons why a bride might want to wear a shorter dress on their wedding day.

From beach weddings on the sand to simply wanting to try something a little more fashion-forward and less traditional, either way, the mini gowns are gorgeous and don’t lose elegance with their receding hemlines.

When we think of a wedding dress, we think floor-length, grazing the ground with either a skirt that balloons outwards or a train that trails down the aisle.

However, shorter dresses were all the rage in the late 1960s and ’70s along with the rise of the mini skirt, covered with ornate lace patterns, beading and paired with sheer white stocking and court heels.

Nowadays, the styles have evolved to become even more stunning. Statement sleeves, loose-flowing fits with a boho feel, flouncy flapper feathered hems or even vintage, the options for short dresses are endless and can suit a myriad wedding themes.

Coloured dresses

With brides no longer limiting themselves to shades of white when it comes to their gowns, we can thank the daring Vera Wang for this.

She’s the biggest trendsetter in the design industry, bringing coloured wedding gowns to the forefront of bridal fashion.

With demure white dresses dominating the scene at every other bridal fashion show, it’s refreshing to have someone challenge a tradition-loving industry with styles and silhouettes that are everything your cookie-cutter bride is not. Champagne, blush, vibrant yellow gold, black and every shade of pastel have been worn down the aisle in recent years.

The coloured dresses are often paired with the trend of having the rest of the bridal party wearing the same shade (sometimes neutrals like beige, white or black) to allow the bride’s colourful dress to pop even more.


The two-piece wedding dress solves many of the practical problems presented by full-on gowns.

For one, they’re so over the top and scream “wedding dress” that it’s likely to never be worn again.

Secondly, they’re so difficult to move and dance around in that the reception part of the celebration is wasted on a stiff bride who’s being bogged down by the weight of tulle, metres of lace and silk.

Perfect for a fresher look, the separation helps break up the outfit and liven things up a little, ideal for spring and summer. As a bonus, for the reception, the skirt can be traded in for high-waisted tailored pants, like a flowy skirt or something a little shorter.

Although the pieces will be elegant enough to fit the vibe of a wedding, they could be worn separately for future formal parties and more.


Emulating a carefree edginess, bridal jumpsuits are growing increasingly popular for wedding ceremonies. With the rise of more intimate celebrations, people are looking to dress more low key for their weddings.

The jumpsuit is the perfect solution. They can be made from the most luxurious materials and adorned with lace, pearls, beads and more while offering casual appeal. They work wonderfully for a bride who wants the freedom to move and sway on her wedding day.

More and more designers are also coming out with dress-less ranges of wedding designs, so you won’t have to worry about having one made especially for you.


Power suits were made to command the attention of a room, so why not trade in your dress for a form-fitting ensemble to achieve the same effect on your wedding day?

Typically, suits consist of a blazer, trousers or a skirt and are paired with a shirt. Bridal wedding suits have the same basic elements but are elevated with luxurious fabrics and adorned with intricate bedding and lace.

The outfit is versatile and will take you from wedding to reception and possibly even the airport before the honeymoon.

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