7 stunning aisle decor ideas for trendy weddings

Picture: Instagram.

Picture: Instagram.

Published May 7, 2021


The wedding aisle signifies the final few steps taken towards the journey of a lifetime.

As one of the most photographed scenes of any wedding and where the bride and groom will have their first looks in front of all their guests, it’s worth making the experience as magical as possible.

Wedding ceremony aisles are often strewn with petals or lined with flowers on the pews, but most often, they’re just simple plush carpeting. In more recent years, however, people are getting extravagant with their decor choices.

From flower bud bushes to rustic and mismatched carpets scattered over a lush lawn, there are so many creative ideas that go far beyond the ordinary, adding something a little unique and extra.

After all, when the bride and groom walk down the aisle together as a married couple, having stunning decor to frame them on either side will make for the most special photographs to cherish.

Whether you're a boho bride, want to keep things traditional and elegant or love everything about being super on trend, this list of exquisite wedding aisle decor will help you find ideas that will suit your aesthetic.

7 wedding aisle decor ideas:

White feathers

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For a wedding with a super luxurious theme of silver, pearl and white, feathers floating down the aisle offer a very glamorous, Hollywood-esque element to the wedding ceremony. To create a moment so special, it almost appears otherworldly, and with the train of the bride’s dress brushing over the feathers the entire scene would be nothing short of angelic.


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Vibrant and swishing in the wind like a rainbow brought to life, ribbons add just the right amount of movement and commotion, which is exactly what you want during such an exciting moment. Incorporate three to four colours from your scheme into the ribbons to tie the decor together. If you prefer neutrals, white, beige and terracotta would look just as gorgeous.

Baby's breath

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These tiny clusters of flowers are said to be a symbol of everlasting love and purity which is why they appear in bridal bouquets so often. However, baby’s breath is also extremely affordable, and when they appear in high volumes, the overall effect is so stunning and elegant, making for the perfect neutral and minimalist decor. Line them down the aisle for a trail of snowy white decor leading all the way up until “I-do”.


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Flowers are not only typical, but they can also be expensive, especially in the drier winter months, so why not try something a little different instead? Eclectic decor combines miscellaneous elements together to bring a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colours into one environment.

Pampas grass has a soft, gentle look both in colour and texture, and with its new, modern resurgence and rustic flair, it’s the perfect way to tie in the old with the new. With long slender stems and feathery, flourishing tufts up top, these pink, blush and beige coloured decor items match the melting hues of a sunset, ideal for afternoon ceremonies.

Miscellaneous flowers

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From rose stems to tulips, sunflowers, carnations and more, a scattering of flowers across a stark white carpet is a creative twist on the scattering of petals. The overall effect created is that of what you might see at the end of ballet performance when flowers are tossed onto the stage. Overall it’s a very special way to say congratulations.


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Lay a trail of overlapping and mismatched carpets down the length of the wedding aisle for a rustic, boho affair. Carpets make walking over grass and soil far easier for the bridal party and they look chic. They bring pops of earth colour and pattern into the mix and will pair beautifully with an outdoor wedding ceremony.


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Candles in tall glass jars nestled amongst leafy green foliage is the neutral, yet whimsical decor for a wedding that doesn't want to stray too far from tradition. The warm glow is romantic while the green adds a gentle amount of colour that works especially well with raw, exposed wood of the pews.

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