Bride’s wedding dress has same pattern as her bridesmaid’s bedding - and now she’s uninvited to wedding

Bridesmaid blamed for wedding dress disaster, but Reddit followers say she’s NTA. Picture: PhotoMIX Company/ Pexels

Bridesmaid blamed for wedding dress disaster, but Reddit followers say she’s NTA. Picture: PhotoMIX Company/ Pexels

Published Apr 20, 2023


When a bride finally finds the perfect wedding dress, the last thing she wants, is to find out that her dress in fact looks like bedding.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to this bride, but one of her bridesmaids is in hot water for exposing the truth about the dress.

The bridesmaid has taken to Reddit’s AITAH group to share how it all unfolded and the consequences of her actions.

The bridesmaid shares that when the bride (Amber) finally found the dress she wanted, she thought that the pattern on the dress, white with silver embroidery, looked familiar, but couldn’t place it at the time.

A week later the bridesmaid posted a picture of her toddler on her bed.

“My toddler was laying in a way that made it look like the design of the bedding was surrounding her perfectly, it looked like it was on purpose and I used my nice camera too, it’s a really nice picture,” shared the bridesmaid.

One of the other bridesmaids (Chloe) commented on the picture asking if the picture was taken on the bride's wedding dress, to which she responded that it was her bedding and not the dress.

“Chloe then made a group chat with me and Amber and said ‘why didn’t you say anything to Amber when she bought a dress that has the same design and colours as your bedding?’ I said I didn’t realise that it was the same. Amber said ‘it’s weird that you bought bedding that matches my dress.’ And I told her that I’ve had this bedding for 3 years now,” continues the bridesmaid.

She adds that both Chloe and Amber demanded that she took the picture off social media.

“I said no so they blocked me and another bridesmaid said that they told her to uninvite me.”

“I had put the deposit for the bachelorette party and since I’m uninvited I cancelled the reservation so I could get my money back. Now everyone is saying that I’m an a**hole and that I took it too far by cancelling the bachelorette.”

Reddit users have come to her defence and voted that she’s not the a**hole.

“NTA. If they want you out, you are out. They can't uninvite you and expect you to pay for stuff. As for the wedding dress, you are not bringing your bed to the wedding. They were being dramatic about a total non-issue,” responded one user.

“NTA. They overreacted completely about the dress, then expect you not to claim your money back from a party that you’re no longer invited to?? Madness,” said another.

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