Bridezilla wanted bridesmaid to spend almost R15K on wedding - so she decided to leave the bridal party

Bridesmaid left bridal party because of demanding bride. Picture: Unsplash Celine Druguet

Bridesmaid left bridal party because of demanding bride. Picture: Unsplash Celine Druguet

Published May 24, 2023


Everybody knows that weddings can be expensive, but expecting your bridesmaids to basically help pay for your wedding is grossly unfair.

While this bridesmaid was initially thrilled to be asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding, she soon changed her mind when she discovered the cost involved.

A bridesmaid recently took to Reddit’s Wedding Shaming group to share her experience with this demanding bride.

“My friend ‘Lori’ is having a wedding late this year. I was asked to be a bridesmaid and I was thrilled. Until I saw the cost of certain things that the bride required,” she posts.

“Mind you, I don’t mind spending money on my dress, but certain things were a bit much. The bride required us to do a full face of make-up and have our hair up. Which would’ve cost me around $200 to do both plus a tip. Then we had to stay in a hotel, which is only an hour away from where I live. Which for three nights would’ve been around $450. Plus my dress which was $100. So all in all the bride wanted us to spend almost $750 on this wedding,” explains the Reddit user.

“So after much thought I left the bridal party. She wasn’t even trying to help those with lower income. Telling us we had to come up with this money. It was a bit much for where we live and the income most people get. I hate to say I quit something, but I can’t make a wedding ‘perfect’ when I have bills and an expensive wedding,” she concludes.

Reddit users took her side and praised her for taking a stand.

“Good for you for knowing your limits. Especially before you spent a dime. Too many people let it get too far after money is spent,” commented one user.

Another responded: “You did not quit. You made a financial decision appropriate to your circumstances.”

“Good for you for putting your foot down! Your friend is entitled to have any kind of wedding she wants, but she is NOT entitled to demand that her friends go into hock to provide that wedding,” said another.

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