Controlling bride gives maid of honour a hard time about her hair and make-up on wedding day

Maid of honour forced to make changes to her make-up. Picture: Pexels BKA photos

Maid of honour forced to make changes to her make-up. Picture: Pexels BKA photos

Published Jun 13, 2023


We’ve heard about demanding brides who expect the most ridiculous things from their bridesmaids, especially their maid of honour.

This bridezilla is one of them.

As with many cases, this bride was more concerned about appearances than anything else.

“The controlling behaviour really permeated the whole planning process but worst of all, was what began when the MOH (maid of honour) sent a picture of her make-up (done by a pro that the bride hired) to the bride for her ‘approval’,” writes a Reddit user on the Wedding Shaming group.

The bride criticised the maid of honour’s hair and make-up.

“First, the bride requested more highlighter. MOH sent an update with more highlighter. Then, she requested ‘more brow make-up’. MOH sends another picture with more brow make-up,” writes the user.

“Finally, the bride asked to see the finished hair. An intricately braided hairdo the bride herself requested. Not 2 seconds after the bride received the picture, the hairstylist had to undo the whole thing and start from scratch. Bridezilla wanted a side part, rather than a middle part.”

Reddit users agree that this is a bridezilla of note, with one person responding: “Sounds like a case of sabotage.”

Another said: “That is just too controlling and is very bridezilla behaviour. I don’t think I would be nearly as compliant as the poor MOH was that day.”

“You know how many times people look at the wedding album? 1, and no one else cares about that sh*t. People are ridiculous,” said another Reddit user.