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Sunday, May 29, 2022

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Groom’s attempt to sing to his bride hits a low note and leaves Twitter users in stitches

The singing groom. Picture: Twitter

The singing groom. Picture: Twitter

Published Nov 18, 2021


They say love is blind but does it make you deaf as well?

The idea of being serenaded by your one true love is so romantic. It’s the type of scenario one sees in a tear-jerking romance movie. A guy is either trying to win a girl’s heart or simply expressing his love through song.

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But like so many other classic heart-melting romantic movie scenes, it rarely works out the same in real life.

What people tend to forget is that one movie scene, such as the singing love birds, can take hours to create not including the post-production.

Also, do people really think that the actors are actually singing?

In order to pull off a gesture like that the minimum requirement would be to be able to sing.

Yes, of course, we all think that we can sing like Whitney Houston when we’re belting out “I Will Always Love You” in the shower.

While being able to sing is one of the basic prerequisites, being able to do so in public is quite another.

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We’ve seen the most confident people audition for reality TV singing competitions and fail dismally, even before they get to the chorus.

These are the ones who provide comic relief to the series. “Idols” even has a wooden mic award specially created for the worst auditions.

Well, this groom clearly believed he had what it took to showcase his vocal talent to sing a love song to his bride in front of all their wedding guests.

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It takes a great amount of courage and loving dedication to doing something to display affection in that way and no one can take that away from him.

However, since the video of the romantic scene found its way onto Twitter the responses have been brutal.

While the bride, clearly deeply in love, stares into her husband’s eyes, captivated by every note, the guests appear to have no reaction.

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Tweeps on the other hand are either shocked by the fact that the guests are even able to keep a straight face or just how bad the groom is.

Here are a few hilarious responses to what’s meant to be a very romantic moment.

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