The groom wanted to include his two stepchildren in his wedding plans. File Picture: Pixnio
The groom wanted to include his two stepchildren in his wedding plans. File Picture: Pixnio

Groom’s brother-in-law chooses petty, locks kids in bedroom during wedding ceremony

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Apr 15, 2021

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We don’t make the rules but we reckon this father had every right to do what he did.

Taking to the wedding-shaming forum on Reddit, he asked “AITA For kicking my future BIL out of my wedding for what he did to my kids?”

It might sound like a harsh reaction, but his reasoning behind such a drastic decision may be warranted.

Tim, his future brother-in-law, has a somewhat unusual dislike of children, and he doesn’t try very hard to hide it.

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“Every time I brought my kids to my parents house. Tim’d start acting out. He tried to indirectly ban the kids from visiting their grandparents’ house. Dad was firm but Tim never stopped trying to exclude my kids from family events,” posted the dad who goes by the username ThrowAway3091345.

“Wife and I wanted to have our wedding at our house, a small celebration. Tim asked if there were gonna be kids at the wedding. My kids were the only ones at the wedding since we didn’t have many guests. He tried to talk us out of involving my kids in the wedding and make it an adult event but I told him to keep his thoughts to himself. My kids were excited to be part of the wedding.”

Totally out of character for Tim, he offered to take the kids to the bathroom to wash up before dinner.

When he returned without the kids, he said that they wanted to play in the bedroom instead.

“My younger sister came telling us the kids’ bedroom door was locked and the kids were inside. My wife and I were in shock. We looked for the key. I asked my sister if she was the one who locked them in. But Tim said he did it, saying he was worried they’d wander around unsupervised and wanted to make sure they were safe since everyone was busy.”

“I lost my shit on Tim. I called him cruel, selfish for lying and doing this to my kids trying to exclude them, and told him to get out. My sister defended him and was crying, calling me offensive names. I kicked her out too.”

The entire ordeal ended with ThrowAway3091345 blocking his brother on social media, no longer speaking to his sister, with his wife wondering what kind of family she had married into.

For now, he’s gone the silent treatment route, choosing to concentrate on his wife and children.

Redditors gave the post a 17.4K upvote, crediting him for not being the a******.

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