Enhle Maphumulo in a Ryan Keys gown. Picture: Supplied.
It is every bride’s dream to turn heads at her wedding - with the gown being at top of the wish list. To help you decide on the perfect dress, we asked designer Ryan Keys, who is known for his meticulous bridal wear, and Bride & Co to share tips on how to pick the best dress for you.

Find the perfect fit

Nothing is worse than wearing something that doesn’t fit you well. Keys says that even if you have a massive budget with a designer making your dress, they have to make sure that the dress fits you perfectly.

Perfect fit by Bride & Co. Picture: Supplied. 

Know your fabric composition

This should be considered before even making the dress. If it’s a natural fibre, it’s going to breathe, unlike synthetic fibres, which causes perspiration, which may cause the bride to miss all the fun.

Have one statement feature

Dramatic skirts definitely form part of one of 2018’s biggest bridal trends. However, make sure it’s not too heavy as it might weigh you down. A monster train is also not really needed if you want to dance later on, unless you’ll change into something more appropriate.

statement bridal gown by David Tlale.Picture: Supplied.


Many people want to wear heels, which is not really ideal, as they can cause pain and misery on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. Keys insists “do not wear shoes you can’t walk in”.

Play around with colours

Do not limit yourself. Explore colours and try something different. You can op for blues, dusty washed-out pinks - just keep away from being a stereotypical bride.

Stunning black gown by Ryan Keys. Picture: Supplied.