Cutting the wedding cake should be a special moment for the bridal couple. For Chloe and Aaron Bailey it will be an unforgettable moment for a different reason. Picture: Pixabay

London - The cake cutting ceremony at any wedding should be a special time, but for this bride and groom it went drastically wrong as their cake toppled over before they even got to taste it.

After paying £450 (about R8 300) for their dream cake and £100 to guarantee its safe arrival, the scene was set for a picture-perfect wedding.

But Chloe and Aaron Bailey didn’t get the snaps they had hoped for – after a wobbly table sent the three-tiered cake flying.

Fortunately the Hampshire couple, who have been together for 13 years, saw the funny side.

The couple were forced to watch it fall "in slow motion" after the table collapsed underneath it as they went to cut it last week.

Hilarious photos captured by wedding photographer Alisa Esfandiari, 28, show the couple posing with a knife ready to cut into the bottom tier - only for the table to visibly tilt as they make the first cut.

Bridesmaids rushed in with gusto, eating macarons off the floor, and one lucky guest ended up holding the whole top tier.

A guest had mentioned the wonky table earlier but teacher Bailey, 28, said she was pleased no one fixed it because it was worth it for the funny moment.

See some of the hilarious pictures here.

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