Picture: @wheel.life.in.the.wheel.world /Instagram
Picture: @wheel.life.in.the.wheel.world /Instagram

LOOK: Bride doesn’t let spinal cord injury overshadow her big day

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Jul 27, 2020

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When Alyssa Higgins married her husband Jimmy in 2019, she didn’t let her spinal cord injury stop her from wearing the wedding dress of her dreams.

The 29-year-old had been living with the injury her whole life after a doctor used forceps during her birth, and broke her spine in the process.

The result is Higgins having to use an automated wheelchair, and she's connected to a ventilator through a trach tube.

Despite her disability, she lives as an independent, doing things for herself like cooking and dressing herself.

So when she prepared for her big day, she documented her journey on her Instagram page, hoping to bring visibility to those who are differently abled.

With 27.2K followers, Higgins is now a disability advocate with her own blog.

"I'm speaking from what I enjoy and what I know," Higgins told Insider. "I try to post a lot of content that may or may not be what people want to see, but I want to get my voice out there."

On choosing her wedding dress, she said: "I don't really know how tall I am because of my disability."

After fitting on three dresses, she knew she had found the perfect one with the first fitting.

She said the dress was essentially cut in half to fit her small frame.

See her stunning wedding photos below:

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