Mom takes meat to her vegan sister’s wedding

A mom packed sausage rolls for her fussy son. Picture: Unsplash Sandie Clarke

A mom packed sausage rolls for her fussy son. Picture: Unsplash Sandie Clarke

Published Jul 25, 2023


If a wedding invite states that the menu is vegan, then it’s only decent to respect the bridal couple's choice.

This sister of the bride however didn’t and needless to say, it infuriated her sister.

Despite this being obviously rude, the sister still took to Reddit to find out if she is the a**hole for taking meat to her vegan sister’s wedding.

She starts off by explaining that her sister is a “hardcore vegan” and completely against all animal cruelty.

The Reddit user is a mom of two to seven-year-old Cassy and five-year-old Chase. So she was very happy when her sister allowed her to take the kids to the wedding.

She goes on to explain that her son is a fussy eater and tends to eat one particular food for a few weeks, and if he does not get what he wants, he ends up throwing a huge tantrum.

“His chosen food this time was sausage rolls. Knowing this, I knew that if he got fussy at the wedding, he would cause a disturbance. Cassy also tends to want things that her brother has,” adds the mom.

“Everything was fine until I got asked by my son if there were any sausage rolls. I had given him some and asked Cassy if she wanted any but she declined as she had gotten tired of them fairly early,” she continues.

“I still had a lot left over. One of the guests, my sister’s friend Matt, must’ve seen this since he came over and asked me for one. I didn’t think much of it and handed him one.

“I’m not sure if this is important or not but not many of my sister’s friends are vegan or even vegetarian.”

“My sister then came up to me and was glowing red. She started going off on me about how it was her wedding and how I couldn’t just hand out non-vegan food to others since it was disrespectful.

“I tried to explain to her that it was just for my kids but then she told me, ‘no one else’s kids are acting like this they’re all fine with the food maybe if you were a better parent Chase wouldn’t be in this phase to begin with’,” writes the Reddit user.

“I just snapped. I yelled about how her closest friends didn’t even like her food (most of the food was prepared by her) and some other immature/hurtful things.”

She added that she then left the wedding with her kids.

“My sister has blocked me on everything and our parents and friends are calling me the a**hole for walking out on the wedding over something so small and that I should just apologise.”

Now the mom is asking Reddit users if she is the a**hole.

Unfortunately for her, she was unanimously voted the a**hole.

“You’re the reason child-free weddings are a thing. YTA,” said one person.

“YTA - You could have fed your kids prior, in the car, before the wedding or whatever. Surely there was some other snack you could have brought,” said another.