Gaynor shared images of the cake to Facebook, and soon it went viral. Picture: Facebook

Clearly, this story is a case of "it looked good in the picture". When Lorraine Gaynor ordered her daughter's wedding cake after seeing the fabulous designs of a cake maker from Irvine, Ayrshire, she thought she had made the right decision.

Instead, she was left shocked and saddened after paying £160 (about R3 000) for three-tier creation. It looked nothing like what she had ordered. The cake was held together with kebab sticks and coated in non-edible craft glitter, the Daily Mail reported.

The cake was reportedly dropped off at the venue minutes after Gaynor left, and the baker picked up her money from reception. Her joy soon turned to horror when she returned to find a monstrosity of a cake.

Gaynor shared images of the cake to Facebook, and soon it went viral. "This was supposed to be my daughter's wedding cake. Craft glitter, kebab sticks and cost a lot of money (sic)," she posted.

She added that she had contacted trading standards and shared a photo of how the cake was meant to look. 

One horrified Facebook user commented: "Aww what a shame. Hopefully trading standards brings her to account. Looks nothing like the one she ordered. She must've been devastated."

Another said: "Oh my god! This is awful! How can someone actually do this to someone on their wedding day! Absolutely disgusting."

Thank goodness, not all was lost. The venue chef managed to find a replacement cake from a local supermarket and added elaborate icing and decorations to make it wedding-worthy.