Something unique: 7 veils for trendy brides

Make a statement with a pink wedding veil. Picture: Pinterest.

Make a statement with a pink wedding veil. Picture: Pinterest.

Published Jun 6, 2021


One of the most romantic aspects of a wedding ceremony is when the bride walks down the aisle framed by a veil that perfectly trails behind her.

The tradition is said to date back to Rome where the bride was cloaked by a veil in order to shield her from any evil spirits out to steal her happiness. In modern times, it is all part of the build-up to the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time, although many couples decide to leave the bride’s face uncovered.

Veil styles have transformed over the years to fit in with the desires of the wearer, the location of the wedding and current fashion trends. From long to short, we’re seeing all sorts of colourful and fun veils worn down the aisle.

7 bridal veils trends that are stunning and unique:

Script veil

When model Hailey Bieber wed her pop star husband, Justin Bieber, in 2018 one of the most talked about aspects of her wedding dress was the veil which had the words “till death do us part” embroidered onto the end. A special quote, the wedding date, meaningful phrase or symbols could be sewn into the veil as a special keepsake.

Coloured veil

Picture: Pinterest.

Quirky, bold and tremendously fashion-forward, coloured veils are one of the greatest ways to break away from tradition and make the wedding look your own. Every wedding has a colour scheme and a colourful veil can be another way of tying everything together

Gold details

Picture: Pinterest.

From golden gowns that dominated bridal trends in 2019 to shimmering eyeshadow and bronzy satin bows tied around the reception chairs, metallics have gradually become more popular on the wedding scene.

However, as much as we love to buy into what’s trending, fully committing to fads can leave you with wedding planning regrets in the years to come. A chic way to incorporate metallics into your wedding attire is to have a gold foil trimmed veil. As it trails down the aisle, it’ll create an ethereal shimmer that can be brought into other aspects of the wedding.


Picture: Pinterest.

For the bride who loves to make a statement, a veil that glitters with diamante or iridescent pearl studs is the perfect twist on traditional tulle and lace veils. The effect is subtle but still manages to bring a little drama to the overall look, pairing especially well with the sheerness of tulle that can sometimes look a little plain. If the wedding is outdoors, the studs will shine in the sun, making for gorgeous wedding photos.

Hair tie

Picture: Pinterest.

Veils can make a statement without being 6 feet long. For the bride looking for something that is still elegant and stylish but simple, so as not to steal any attention away from the dress, a tulle hair bow/tie is a stunning option. With lace appliqué, pearl beading or glistening diamante flecks, the fashion is to tie the tulle through a low bun so that it falls down the back, just above the waist. If your dress is luxurious satin, a matching bow would pull the whole look together without being overwhelming.

3D flowers


This unique veil creates the illusion of real flowers cascading down the veil, trailing behind the bride as they walk down the aisle. With the tradition of scattering flower petals, this fashion statement ties together perfectly with that and would be ideal at an outdoor, countryside or forest wedding. It’s the perfect way to bring nature and the outdoors into your ensemble, tying the location together with the bridal fashion for a seamless and classy statement.

Statement bow

Picture: Pinterest.

Ariana Grande recently tied the knot with luxury home realtor, Dalton Gomez. Wearing her hair slicked back, she donned a short puffy veil adorned with a gorgeous white bow. The look is very reminiscent of 1950s fashion which was ideal as Grande wanted to channel Audrey Hepburn and this is the exact period in which the Hollywood star rose to fame. This look is classy and stylish without doing too much, perfect for a chic town wedding.

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