Spencer Matthews with wife-to-be, Vogue Williams. Picture: Instagram.
Spencer Matthews  designed the £150,000 piece of jewellery himself and took inspiration from his partner's favourite landmark.
He said: "Vogue has always loved the design and structure of bridges and she loves Albert Bridge, which we live right next to.
"I devised the way of making the ring look like a bridge by using five stones."
Though Spencer had been planning his proposal to 32-year-old Vogue - who was previously married to Brian McFadden - for some time, he doesn't think she was too surprised.


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He said: "I think she knew it was coming. I'm terrible at keeping secrets from her, my secret little missions going off to Hatton Garden to build the ring weren't secret for very long."
Though the pair are thrilled to have got engaged, they haven't started planning their wedding just yet.
He told OK! magazine: "We haven't figured out a date yet, we're enjoying our new engagement."

While Spencer made his name as a member of the 'Made in Chelsea' cast, he is trying to "move away" from "obvious" reality TV, and suggested he is happier with Vogue  - who he met on 'The Jump' - because they're not under the same scrutiny as the relationships he'd had on the show.
He said: "I feel very adult and our relationship is our own. There's no one trying to get in the way and we're not doing it for people's entertainment, and therefore, it's just ours."

Spencer believes 'MIC' can continue for years to come but he doesn't think it's as good now as it used to be.
He said: "Obviously I favour the early days because I believe it was a better show then.
"I never really watched it when I was on it, I probably wouldn't have liked what I saw.
"It's a popular show. It's the type of show where the cast are replaceable, and are replaced all the time, so it will always remain young and fresh."

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