Picture: @revelry on Instagram.
Picture: @revelry on Instagram.

Trendy bridesmaids dress themes for 2021

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 22, 2021

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Bridesmaids are the support team of the bride during the run-up to the wedding where they’ll stand at her side in front of family and friends. Naturally, it’s important that this group of special women are dressed to impress.

Before heading out for a day of bridesmaid dress shopping with your girls, you’ll need to have a theme in mind to help guide you and narrow down your options.

This list of gorgeous dress themes are trending in the wedding world, bringing traditional and creatively daring elements into the mix for an exceptionally striking bridal party.

Trendy bridesmaids’ dress themes for 2021:


Traditionally, bridesmaids’ dresses are the same style of dress in the same colour and fabric made or altered to fit each of the lovely bridesmaids perfectly.

This is great for creating continuity throughout the wedding as far as colour schemes and themes go.

For example, short summery dresses in bright shades suit a summer/beach themed celebration whereas darker hues with floor length hemlines and long sleeves are perfect for mountain or vineyard weddings.

Gold metallics

Brides have been having a ball with creative bridesmaids' dress choices. The glitzy, yet romantic theme has a bit more of a dramatic colour palette that allows each maid to shine in her own way.

It incorporates the use of different fabrics – sequin, glitter, beaded, satin and so on as well as one main colour scheme in varying shades. For example, beige, gold, pale gold and bronze.

The theme is then tied together with the commonality of metallics elements with the assigned colours for each girl varying. The style of dress can also be different.

All white

White is the colour reserved exclusively for the bride – unless stated otherwise. The dramatic effect created by having a wedding party dressed in all white creates the most magical photographs, especially beautiful at winter and summer weddings.

They can be soft, whimsical and flowy or structured and fitted, depending on the theme. Sometimes the bride and groom will opt to wear a different colour, like blush, gold or even dramatic red, so they stand out among the all-white wedding party.


Perhaps it's because the colour combination is reminiscent of candy shop sweets, milkshakes and sunset hues, but there’s something joyful about pastels.

From cotton candy pink to soft lilac, baby blue and yellow, when bridesmaids wear different pastel colours together the combination is dreamy, perfect for a springtime wedding.

Each maid can have a designated hue and style of dress for an explosion of colour that’s not too striking that it diverts attention from the bride.

Earthy tones

Ranging from rich, reddish cocoa to terra cotta orange and the dusty shades of desert sand, beautiful earth tones highlight the white of a wedding gown, bringing it to life.

Whether your theme is rustic or your wedding is being held in autumn and you want your dresses to be on trend for the season and theme appropriate.

If you decide to form a colour palette of appropriate earth tones for your wedding, the kaleidoscope of colours will mimic the beauty of autumn leaves.

Velvet and satin

Mixed materials look gorgeous with the layering of the luxuriously smooth and velvety textures. Satin reflects light whereas velvet fabric has a smooth surface with a dense and evenly cut pile. It allows for light to vary with surface changes at different angles.

The textural differences add more interest to very simple, but classic bridesmaid gowns and are perfect for boho and winter themed weddings. For the best use of this trend, each half of the group should wear a different fabric in the same colour.

Of course, the shades will vary slightly due to texture but that is part of the charm. They both also drape beautifully and will suit a variety of body types.


For an eclectic and unusual look, have your bridesmaids’ dresses in different colours, styles and fabrics. The mismatched combination will create a very striking look which will work best for a larger bridal party.

This way, bridesmaids can wear dresses they own and that flatter them – just make sure they’re approved by the bride. Common themes can be full length or midi, as you don’t want it to be too much of a jumble. Additionally, have the girls pick an outfit that co-ordinate with the theme and style of the wedding as you don’t want anyone looking over or underdressed for the occasion.

For example, if your colour scheme is vibrant and bright for a springtime wedding, floral and green hues would work perfectly together. For a more rustic and romantic wedding celebration, pinks, champagne and reds work best.

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