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Friday, June 24, 2022

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WATCH: Bride gets attacked by leeches on her wedding day

Madalyn Wise and her husband on their wedding day. Picture: Instagram/@madalyn.wise.

Madalyn Wise and her husband on their wedding day. Picture: Instagram/@madalyn.wise.

Published Jun 9, 2022


Everyone dreams of their wedding to be a perfect day. Like many big ceremonies, there may be hiccups here and there, but it’s all part of the process. Eventually, things work out.

Australian woman Madalyn Wise almost had her big day ruined. Everything started off well, from the reception to the photo-shoot, dinner, speeches, until the time for her first dance.

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As she was dancing with her friends, she says her mother-in-law called her and rushed her to the dressing room, where they got the shock of their lives.

Her mother-in-law had noticed blood stains on her white wedding dress, and Wise’s first instinct was that she got an early period, but that wasn’t the case – leeches had latched onto her.

@madalyn.wise There’s always something that doesn’t go quite right at your wedding, right? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ #leech #weddingtiktok #wedding #weddingnightmare #foryoupage #fyp #ohno ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

She suspects that the leeches got onto her during the photo-shoot because they were in a wet garden.

“We had a ceremony and then went to have wedding portraits taken at the venue. So during this photo session, we had to go to some really, long, sludgy grass to get some nice photos.

“Probably that’s where the leeches came from. There were three, one underneath my foot, the other on the pit of my knee and there was another one crawling up my leg,” says Wise.

She estimates that the leeches latched on her for almost three hours before they were discovered.

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The wedding had to be paused to bandage her leg and have her dress cleaned. And a few moments later, she was back on the dance floor, with her dress, showing everyone where the leeches had attacked her.

People who commented on her Tik Tok video say Australia is notorious for having leeches. So next time you think of having a photo-shoot on wet grass, be sure to be careful of creepy crawlies.

@madalyn.wise Okay here you go! Here is the Leech story time 😂 sorry if it’s not very good I am super new to TikTok pls don’t be mean… #leech #weddingstorytime ♬ original sound - Madalyn Wise