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Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the most popular season for weddings! 

There's a lot that goes into a wedding and Nicolette Morris from  Nicolette Weddings  has narrowed down her top tips and important things brides and grooms need to know when planning their big day.

Having a "wedding planning process", as Morris calls it, will set you up for success.  From booking your venue to finalizing  your wedding day timeline, Morris speaks about a specific order of planning that will help couples to know where to start and what to leave for closer to the time. 

"Something to keep in mind for a summer wedding is to be realistic. A  lot of brides spend a lot of time on Pinterest and don't really understand that in the Cape we don't have the same weather as Thailand for example, it can get very windy," said Morris.

"It is also important to plan for your guests in terms of the heat. Midday would probably be too hot for a summer wedding, it's better to plan your wedding for around 4pm when the sun is a little less harsh," she said. 

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