WATCH: ‘I made a terrible mistake’ - bride forgets to put on half of her wedding gown

White wedding dress on a hanger outside

A bride forgot about half of her wedding dress. Picture: Victoria Priessnitz/ Unsplash

Published May 31, 2023


Have you ever seen a bride walk down the aisle with half of her dress missing?

Neither have I until I came across this TikTok post.

A blushing bride had to halt the wedding ceremony to complete her wedding dress.

Already standing at the altar and preparing to exchange their vows, the bride tells guests that she’s missing half of her wedding dress.

“Me in the middle of my wedding ceremony realising I’d made a terrible mistake,” says the bride at the start of the embarrassing video.

In the video, you see her signalling to someone in the crowd before she grabs the microphone and says, “Pause for a moment. I just realised when I got to the end of the aisle that I’m missing half of my dress.”

She then continues to ask her guests if she could put it on. Of course, everyone said yes and clearly saw the humour in it all.

She then tells everyone that she in fact had a dream that she did exactly the same thing.

Eventually, someone brings the other half of her dress and attaches it to the part of the dress she’s already wearing.

“I’m sure you guys have never been to a wedding like this before,” remarked the bride.

It took two helpers to attach the long train to her dress after which the bride announce, “Okay, we can resume.”

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The video which was reposted on the It’s Gone Viral account has been viewed over 3.8 million times with most viewers baffled by the fact that no one told her that the look was incomplete.

“I just want to know why no one in her bridal party noticed??!?” commented one viewer.

While another said, “How do you, your mother, AND bridesmaids forget that big piece of your dress?”

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