WATCH: Mzansi is shooketh after woman in bridal gown can’t differentiate her fiancé from his identical twin

A woman was ready to marry a man she wasn’t sure of. Picture: Pexels/@Emma Bauso.

A woman was ready to marry a man she wasn’t sure of. Picture: Pexels/@Emma Bauso.

Published May 22, 2023


South Africans are shocked that a woman was unable to tell the difference between her fiancé and his identical twin brother.

On last night’s episode of “You Promised To Marry Me,” a woman, Neo, was embarrassed when she confronted her boyfriend of six years about the promise he made two years ago to marry her.

She was shocked when she found him with his twin and couldn’t tell them apart.

Instead of confronting Sihle, her boyfriend, she me his brother, Sipho, thus leading to Sihle believing that his girlfriend was having an affair with his brother.

All that happened while Neo was in a bridal gown, ready to get married to a man who had played her and couldn’t fulfil his promises.

Neo’s situation is not new. In 2018, a woman shared her story of sleeping with her husband’s twin. She described it as the best she’s ever had.

The only difference was that she had slept with his twin way before she had met her then-boyfriend and confirmed they were twins only after she was engaged to her husband.

She spoke briefly to the twin brother, and they both agreed to keep it a secret because their partners wouldn’t be comfortable knowing that they once slept together.

“He said he wanted me to meet his family. We went to his mum’s for dinner, and as soon as I walked in, there was Tom (the husband’s twin brother). I smiled at him and gave him a look that, I hoped, said: ‘Let’s keep this a secret’. He acted like he was meeting me for the first time. I didn’t see much of Tom, but when Danny and I got engaged, we had a party and, at one stage, Tom and I were alone in the kitchen.

“I said: ‘You won’t ever tell him, will you?’ And he said: ‘God no! No way!’ Tom was also engaged, so I knew he wouldn’t want to risk his fiancé knowing about us and, given that the twins were so close, I knew he didn’t want to risk messing up his relationship with Danny,” the woman once told Body and Soul.

Back to Neo, tweeps are surprised that she dated someone for six years and doesn’t know him, yet wants to be his wife.

Below are some of the reactions.

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