Would you pay a refundable R1K deposit when responding to a wedding invite? Reddit user says the idea is ‘scammy’

Caterers charge per head. Picture: Pexels/Michael Morse

Caterers charge per head. Picture: Pexels/Michael Morse

Published Feb 8, 2023


Weddings can be very expensive and couples are always looking for ways to cut costs.

It is extremely disrespectful when guests RSVP to confirm they will be coming to the wedding but don’t show up. This is especially annoying and downright rude when the couple have hired caterers, who usually charge per head.

One bridal couple has come up with a plan to try to eliminate this problem, but Reddit users are saying it’s tacky.

The bride posted on the Reddit “Wedding” group to ask users their opinion on the following idea.

She and her husband-to-be are planning to ask everyone they invite to pay a $60 (about R1 000) deposit to try to offset the cost in case they don’t pitch. Those who do show up will be refunded.

“Only people who don’t need to pay are the bridesmaid and groomsman (sic). Everyone else needs to though, regardless. Family is understanding of it. Cause we can invite 100 max and we did our final list and came up to 140 already,” writes the bride.

Now she wants to know, “Is this a good or bad idea? Has anyone done this before and if so how did it turn out?”

Here’s what users have to say.

“This is extremely tacky. If I had to pay a ‘deposit’ to come to a wedding, I would just decline. It’s a celebration, not a business,” said one user.

Another commented, “Sounds like a pitch from timeshare people. Very scammy. I don’t like it.”

“It would be a hell no from me. You’re more likely to insult people into declining doing this than get any ‘deposits’. It’s extremely tacky,” responded another user.

“This may be the worst idea I’ve heard when it comes to a wedding. I’d decline immediately if I got a request like this and probably re-evaluate my relationship with the couple,” commented someone else.