There is always a lot of stigma around male grooming, but in today’s society it’s no longer acceptable to be scruffy, smelly and unkempt.

Men’s Grooming Day encourages men everywhere to buy and use grooming products, and to proactively manage their appearance. Salons, hairdressers and beauty parlours often cater especially to men on this day with offers, education and special consideration.

We ask a few local celebs what men's grooming means to them.

CHAD SAAIMAN: Singer and songwriter

Chad Saaiman. (Picture: MARS Digital)

What does your grooming regimen look like?
I use Kiehls Anti-shine Facewash and Moisturiser combined with their under-eye (caffeine-infused) alert, because of my long days and nights. Haircut and beard trim once a week by my local barber in Woodstock, Cape Town. Bleu De Chanel and Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm on the daily.

Do you believe smelling good is important and which cologne do you use?
I think smelling good is a must. I remember my dad always smelling great and us being able to identify him by his classic fragrance. I wear Bleu De Chanel, Bvlgari Black Orient and Terre D'Hermes.

Why do you believe grooming is important for men?
I think it's just as important as style. It goes hand in hand with what you wear, what you say, and how you carry yourself

DAN CORDER - Good Hope FM radio presenter

Dan Corder. (Picture: Sandile Malinga)

What is your grooming regimen?
I feel like I'm dating my beard. Nowhere else on my body gets much love or attention because of how demanding my beard is. Most of my grooming involves shaving it, clipping it, brushing it, stroking it, and massaging it with too much beard oil.

Do you spoil yourself to any treatments?
Certainly. Ever since a barber in Istanbul used a flame to singe my nose hairs into shape, I have enjoyed getting my neck and cheeks shaved and treated by Cape Town's best barbers.

Why do you believe grooming is important for men?
We all treat our bodies as just as fundamentally a part of who we are as our minds and personalities. Taking care of all three and finding value and pride in all parts of who we are is vital to having self-worth, and developing a healthy relationship with who we are.

Would you ever consider wearing a bit of make up?
Already done. All humans' faces can benefit from make-up. Gender doesn't affect our skin. Men's faces aren't much different from women's. Sometimes, a little mascara and eye-liner can make a woman's face look gorgeous. That's just as true for men. I'm all about that base.

BARRON HUFKIE - KFM Radio presenter 

Barron Hufkie. (Picture: Eben Photography)

What is your grooming routine include?
I go to Sorbet Man for a haircut at least once month and sometimes I’ll go for touch-ups if I have a photoshoot or gig coming up. I’m very bad at trimming or shaving my beard myself so I always make sure that I visit the guys at Urban Men two to three times a month. Otherwise I keep it quite simple with my daily routine, but one product I’m never without is the L'Oreal Men Anti Fatigue Ice Cold Eye Roller to boost my constantly tired eyes.

Do you spoil yourself to any treatments?
I spoil myself to a massage every now and then but that is as far as it goes.

Would you ever consider wearing a bit of makeup?
The only time I'll ever wear makeup is for photoshoots. Other than that I'm personally not a fan but I've seen some guys who rock a good contour.