Knowing which products to splurge on or save a few rands prevents you having products you don’t need. (Pic: Instagram)

As much as we would love to fill our make-up and beauty collection with the most expensive products it’s not always financially possible, or necessary. 

Why would you spend R300 on a lipstick that you might only wear a few times, when you can rather buy the same, or similar, shade for less. Then there are those products you simply cannot compromise on. That’s worth spending those extra few rand on. 

Here’s a list of products to save or splurge on:


Cleanser: The basic function of a cleanser is to rid the skin of makeup, dirt and oil. It’s a product that gets washed away and doesn’t absorb into the skin.
Budget buy: Nivea Visage 2 in 1 Cleanser and toner - R65,00

Mascara: Mascara doesn’t have a long shelf life. Once opened you’ll need to throw it out after 3 months. Besides drying out, the product starts to harbour bacteria which causes eye irritation.
Budget buy: Revlon Magnified Volume & Length mascara - R109,00

Lipstick: There are so many different colours and textures to choose from these days making it very tempting to try them all. Be clever about how you buy your lipstick. Spend a bit more on colours you might use often and less on those that are trendy at the time.
Budget buy: Maybelline Colorshow lipstick - R79,00

Highlighters, blusher and bronzer: Finding the perfect highlighter doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. There are always new textures and colours popping up and if you’re obsessed with highlighters, as most of us are, you will want them all. The same applies blushers and bronzers. 
Budget buy: Essence Prismatic Hololighter Stick – R79.95

Nail polish: If you’re one of those ladies who loves to change their nail colour every week you could end with a collection of colours you either use all the time or a few you’ve only used once. Like lipsticks, nail colour trends come and go. 
Budget buy: CATRICE ICONails Gel Lacquer – R59.95


Moisturizer: Unlike cleaners, your moisturizer is one beauty product you shouldn’t compromise on. It’s an essential beauty product that works all day and during the night. Your moisturizer hydrates, treats and protects (a built in SPF is essential) your skin. 
Splurge: Gatineau Aquamemory Moisturizing Cream – R795.00

Foundation: Even though beauty brands are now creating a wider range of shades, finding the perfect shade and texture that works for you is a challenge. Like your moisturiser, foundation sits on your skin all day. Test products in store or ask for samples before making a purchase.
Splurge: Smashbox 15 Hour Foundation - R525.00 

Makeup brushes: If you take care of your brushes they will last a long time. Years even. Your brushes are your tools. Better brushes mean easier application with better results.
Splurge: Mac Powder/Blush brush - R500.00

Eyeshadow: Yes there are inexpensive eyeshadows on the market but those tend to be less pigmented and doesn’t have the staying power needed to last the day. Better quality, more pigmented shadow, gives you intense colour that lasts. Colour pallets are a great investment for those looking for variety. 
Splurge: L.O.V LOViconyx Eyeshadow & Contouring Palette – R299.95

Perfume: We all know that a good quality perfume is expensive. Thankfully it’s not an item you buy often. With quality perfumes a little goes a long way. You use less and the fragrance lasts longer on your skin. 
Splurge: Chanel No5, Eau De Parfum Spray - R1,600.00