North looking just like her mamma. (Picture: Instagram)

When Kim Kardashian West posted a picture of herself and 5-year-old daughter North with the caption “Twinning” her insta fans and haters reacted to the fact that North’s natural curls had been straightened to look just like her mamma’s.

There were those for and those against her decision to straighten North’s hair.

The haters left comments like “Let her hair be curly, it’s healthier. Goldenbrownga”.

While the fans who had Kim’s back left comments like: “I don’t understand why people were giving her such BS for her straightening North’s hair. My daughter has straight her and on occasions I used to curl it. Is the same thing. We all do it. Now my daughter ( she is older ) likes to curl it all the time.”

The debate continued when she posted another pic captioned “My baby” and more recently a pic of North with dad Kanye.

Fans reacted to the fact that North’s natural curls had been straightened. (Picture: Instagram)

After receiving so much hate Kim Kardashian responded by saying: "She is allowed twice a year, on her birthday and birthday party!"

Personally, I don’t see the problem with it. Naturally curly-haired woman who want a temporary change often blow out their hair. It lasts for a week or two and doesn’t permanently change the curl and texture of the hair.

It’s obvious that North’s hair isn’t chemically straightened - when you see at pictures of after the party her curls have bounced back immediately looking just as healthy as before.

North's naturally curly hair. (Picture: Instagram)

BUT if curly hair is straightened (none chemically) by blow out or flat-iron all the time, it will damage your hair. 

Here’s how constant straightening damages your hair.

Dryness: When you apply heat to your hair it immediately dries out your hair.

Breakage: The dryness from the heat then causes breakage which leads to split ends.

Loss of natural oils: Heat strips your natural oils on your scalp causing further drying and weakening strands.

Dullness: Drying out your hair leaves it dull with no shine. This in-turn makes your hair look unhealthy.