Botox injections have gained popularity. (Picture: Ken Hively/Newscom)

Hollywood stars are not the only ones having cosmetic surgery for their career – more than half of the public seeking a procedure say it is to look better at work.

Aside from simply hoping to improve their appearance, 54% of patients said they wanted to treatments including Botox and liposuction to ‘look good professionally’, a study found.

More than two thirds – 67% – said they thought treatment would help them feel more confident and improve the quality of life. The selfie phenomenon appears to be fuelling the cosmetic surgery boom, with 68 per cent saying they wanted to look better on photographs,

Scientists from Northwestern University in Chicago asked more than 500 patients at clinics across the US what had motivated them to seek consultations over cosmetic procedures.

They found it was much more complicated than vanity, they report in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

The vast majority – 86% – were well-educated women aged 45 or older.

More than a quarter had received a single treatment and nearly half a series of treatments. Botox was the most popular, accounting for almost a third of enquiries, ahead of soft tissue fillers, skin tightening, acne scarring correction, eyelid surgery, facelifts and chemical peels.

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