Emoji slippers. (Picture: Instagram/hadari93)

They add expression to a sentence and speak volumes used on their own and Sony Picture's thought they are important enough to deserve their very own movie.

Gene, in  “The Emoji Movie”
Gene, in “The Emoji Movie”. (Picture: Sony Pictures Animation via AP)

People use emoji's every day. Someone sends you a funny text, you simply respond with the laughing with tears emoji. Sending someone a sad text? Add the sad face. 

They are so popular that celebs like Kim Kardashian and Bonang have designed their very own Emojis packs.

So it's no surprise that they've crept into the fashion scene. Little ones and tweens are huge fans of anything covered in or made up of the smiley or heart eye yellow faces. This doesn't mean that grownups can't have some fun with these funny and sometimes sad little faces, animal or food emojis.

Here's how these characters are being worn.


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