Facial peels can improve the skin's texture and appearance. Picture from AP
Mild chemical facial peels can improve the skin's texture and appearance. Products by BioMedical Emporium. Supplied picture.

I am a big fan of mild peels and I do a treatment at least once a month to hydrate my face and also to rejuvenate and give my face a that much needed flawless and healthy glow. I recently visited the BioMedical Emporium at the Panorama Healthcare Centre in Panorama for their Glycolic Peel. 

Here is what the peel involves: A Glycolic treatment has a hygroscopic effect as the skin tends to increase inherent moisture levels from the environment, improving suppleness of skin and the glycol-aminoglycans (GAGS) in the lower area of the dermis.  It is mostly recomended for sun damaged skin / solar keratosis, dry, scaly skin / dehydration, discoloured / pigmented skin – melisma or hyperpigmentation, acne-prone skin (no inflamed abrasions/cysts), aged / premature aging and to increase collagen production in any skin condition

The treatment: The Glycolic Protocol can be applied once a month and includes:

* Cleansing

* Pre-conditioning with Condition serum

* Applying the Glycolic AHA peel

* Rinse the skin after 3 minutes

* Apply serum and afterwards a the BioMedical Emporium Translucent Day SPF30.

How much? The treatment cost varies from stockists but it is priced from R400.00 per treatment.

Post treatment and recovery time? The treatment takes about 5 minutes in total to apply and doesn't require any downtime. It's best you don't apply makeup after the treatment until the next day. I din't experience any peeling or inflammation afterwards so you can carry on with your day as planned. 

Results: Three days post treatment, I noticed a clear improvement in my skin's texture and my combination of dry and oily skin was visible hydrated. 

Dr Judey Pretorius, the co-founder of BioMedical Emporium is a Dermatological Biochemist with a PHD degree and has a history of formulation of pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals and medical device products. Supplied picture. 

About the brand? BioMedical Emporium only utilises quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials in all formulations. All products are categorised as cosmeceutical products, which means that biomedical benefits will be obtained once applied to the skin.  In other words, applying a product that works on cellular and molecular level in order to be potently effective and safe and to ultimately stimulate a therapeutic response.

Biomedical Emporium was established in 2014 and the business covers three respective disciplines, i.e. Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Device Industry and the Cosmeceutical Industry. Research and Development work that is done within these disciplines make use of respective biotechnological techniques in order to stay ahead with international technologies.

Dr Judey's skincare advice: One should definitely have a skin care regime of twice a day. There should be proper cleansing with some form of chemical or enzymatic exfoliation with ingredients such as salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid. The cleansing should be followed with the application by a specific serum that addresses a particular concern such as ageing or pigmentation. And the serum application should be followed by the application of a moisturizerthat adders the moisture content of the skin such as normal or dry skin.


* Biomedical Emporium has stockist nationally with well-trained therapists and somatologists to also assist with prescribe appropriate products.  

Contact details of stockists can be obtained from 012 809 2856 or https://biomedicalemporium.com/contact/