Gigi and boyfriend Zayn Malik. (Pic: Instagram)

Gigi Hadid says her boyfriend Zayn Malik inspires her to "funk up" her look and convinces her to wear "what makes [her] happy".

The 22-year-old supermodel has admitted the former One Direction star convinces her to wear what "makes [her] happy" on a regular basis, but she didn't used to don any designer labels during her younger years. 

She said: "He inspires me a lot to funk it up and wear what makes me happy. 

Zayn Malik inspires Gigi Hadid to "funk up" her look. (Pic: Instagram)

"When I was younger I never owned any designer clothes. I rode horses, I was at the farm all day. 

"But I loved photographers and images, that's what I fell in love with. I fell in love with how a model could bring life to a picture and not only be a part of it but make it something else. 

"I think once I got older I started watching the Victoria's Secret show on TV and that's when I would practice my walk during commercial breaks." 

Gigi counts her mother, former model Yolanda Hadid, 53, as one of her biggest inspirations in the industry, and has thanked her for not "sugar-coating" the profession. 

She said: "[My mother] taught me a lot about the industry and never sugar-coated it. 

"She always said, 'If you're not the nicest, most hard-working person in the industry there is going to be someone prettier, nicer and more hard-working.' "

Gigi became a global brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger in January 2016, and the 66-year-old fashion designer knew she would become a huge star as soon as he saw her on the runway. 

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger on 'The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw'. (Pic: Bang Showbiz)

Speaking in a joint interview with Gigi on 'The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw', he added: "Gigi was on my runway and she stood out head and shoulders above everyone else. We had 55 girls during this particular show and it was all eyes on Gigi. 

"So I was like, 'We have to do something together.' "