Actress Zendaya. (Pic: Reuters)

The 21-year-old singer-and-actress became a household name when she starred in Disney Channel sitcom 'Shake It Up' but struggled to be taken seriously by designers, so stylist Law Roach opted to play it safe and dress her in tried-and-tested ensembles to make her name on the well-dressed lists, before gradually being able to take more risks.

Law told Britain's Vogue magazine: "Back then, a Disney girl didn't get respect in the fashion world.

Law Roach with actress Zendaya. (Picture: Instagram/luxurylaw)

"I started a campaign of dressing her only in things that other people had worn, because I knew she would end up in the weekly 'Who Wore It Best' features... I just knew that she had a place in fashion, so we did whatever it took to get her noticed.

"Fashion helped her transition from a Disney star, to an actress with global box office appeal."

The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' actress was just 14 when she became famous and Law - who became her stylist after previously running a vintage store in Chicago - was impressed by her fashion knowledge when she was so young.

He said: "It was incredible for us to have such a comprehensive dialogue about fashion when she was still a kid.

"Love or hate a look, we appreciate people talking about it, because every single moment has been a fearless choice and a career highlight.

Zendya styled by Law Roach. (Picture: supplied)

"It's so fun to watch her come alive on a red carpet and invoke different characters." 

Zendaya tries not to dress in a provocative way, because of her impressionable young fans.

Law explained: "Zendaya is such a good role model for young girls because she literally can and will wear anything.

"She has a responsibility to live and to present herself a certain way, but she has always been respectful of that.

"A lot of girls her age go for 'naked' dresses, but we still haven't had a provocative moment. She knows who her core fans are - they're growing up with her."