Taking Pot Luck. Picture: Supplied

The pot Luck Club is an award-winning favourite with food lovers in Cape Town. Owner Luke Dale-Roberts decided to spread his culinary tentacles to Gauteng with The Pop Luck Club, a pop-up restaurant at The Marabi Club in the vibrant Maboneng precinct.

Dale-Roberts took Pot Luck Club head chef Frederico Dias on this gastronomic journey.

Dias revealed how the small-plate dining came to Jozi. “I pitched the idea to Luke and he had already heard about a venue that could work. He met Dale de Ruig, an old high school friend of mine, who was opening a jazz bar in Maboneng, The Marabi Club." 

"The response has been positive. I always knew this would do well in Joburg, being a Joburger myself.”
When it came to settling on a menu, he added: “It is basically The Pot Luck Club menu but smaller.”

They wanted the menu to complement the ambience: “There are two dishes we designed for the Pop Up." 

The mouthwatering additions are  fresh fish crudo with granadilla-tiger's milk, sea bass with tiger's milk made from the offcuts of the fish, onions, ginger, chilli and finished with fresh granadilla; and a classic Cuban sandwich with ibérico ham, roast potato, Raclette cheese sauce and a strong apple mustard spread over the bread, topped with pickled carrot, cucumber and smoked jalapeño."

The Pop Luck Club runs until the end of next month. It is open 6pm to 10pm on Thursday to Saturday and from noon to 3.30pm on Sunday. 

* To book, e-mail: [email protected]