David Beckham, age 37, and son.

London - It’s the age at which many have established themselves on the career ladder and started a family.

And it seems that 37 is when most men feel happiest, too.

A survey has revealed that by the time they have reached their late 30s, the majority of men are in a happy relationship and have formed close circle of friends with which to socialise.

The poll found that 43 percent of the 1,000 questioned said becoming a father was the happiest day of their lives, followed by getting married (35 percent).

Other happy memories included seeing their favourite sports team win the league (18 percent), buying a house or car (17 percent), and graduating from university (nine percent).

The researchers said these are milestones many men have passed by 37 – which explains why it is the “age of happiness”.

Phillip Hodson, of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, said 37-year-olds typically benefit from good health and life experience.

“It would be logical to think that men would be happier when they are younger, fitter and healthier,” he said. “As men get older they are more prone to illness and more feeble. At 37, you’re young enough not to be disillusioned by life, which comes with the midlife crisis.

“But you’re also old enough to have developed self-confidence, earned respect and authority and to have a sense of achievement.”

The study was carried out by menswear brand Jacamo. - Daily Mail