Kwena Baloyi in beaded cornrows. Picture: Instagram.
The fashion and beauty industry is one most unpredictable sector. What might be the in thing today may be the oops factor tomorrow. Rolling with the times, it keeps on changing everyday. 

For example, we’ve seen the drastic change from thin eyebrows to thick ones. However, there are those trends that are timeless, especially hairstyles. Here are the most popular hairdos that will never go out of style.

Pixie cut

Pixie cut has been there and in the next ten years, it’s probably still going to be the big thing. This has been for many years, known as “Helle Berry signature hairstyle”. It’s normally good for summer because it’s short and not too hot. 

Rihanna in a pixie cut. Picture; Instagram. 


Although there was a misinterpretation about dreadlocks way back, this hairdo has been around for many years. Popular in the Rastafarian culture, the dreadlocks trend has grown enormously, it’s the best hairdo for people who don't like combing hair. But nonetheless, it’s very beautiful when well taken care off. 

Neat dreadlocks. 


Almost every girl child grew up having cornrows on their hair. It’s the most simple hairstyle as it helps the hair grow easily, keeps it neat whilst also letting the scalp breathe. Recently, more creativity has been introduced as to how cornrows are plaited. Very stylish with amazing designs. 

Kwena Baloyi in beaded cornrows. Picture: Instagram. 

Box braids

This is one of the most popular protective hairstyles. From kids to adults, anyone can rock them and even males do them too now. Talk about moving with the times. 

Thando Thabethe with box braids. Picture: Instagram.  

Bald head

You can go east, west, north, south, bald head is the plug. It suits both males and females and is the most convenient one. With bald hair, you don’t have to sit hours in the mirror thinking how to style it, it’s a wash and go.

Duma Ntando in bald head. Picture: Instagram.