LootLove. Picture: Instagram.
There is something about  women with short hair. Not that there are more special than women with long hair but keeping short hair is more manageable. Some of the perks of having short hair is that when you swim or shower, you don’t really have to worry about wearing a cap.  

Unlike long hair, you also don’t spend long hours in the mirror. With short hair, once it has been nicely cut and trimmed, a comb and moisturiser is the to go after bath.  Here are our top six women who have always looks good in short hair. 

Masechaba Ndlovu: The broadcast mogul, Masechaba Ndlovu has always looked beautiful in her signature short hairdo. If she ever changed it, it was when she did twists in November last year but until then, we’ve always known her with short hair. 

Masechaba Ndlovu. Picture: Instagram. 

Ntando Duma: The bald lady, Ntando Duma who’s an actress and now musician has always been about that bald look. Duma has always loved her chiskop until recently when she started growing her hair and she now has short hair cut. Nothing much has changed, she still looks as beautiful. 

Ntando Duma. Picture: Instagram. 

Enhle Maphumulo: The Soweto born beaut who’s an actress and businesswoman is just a wow in short hair. Whether is dry curls or just ordinary combed hair, she's just too gorgeous. 

Enhle Maphumulo. Picture: Instagram. 

Gail Malabane: Actress, Gail Malabane knows how to serve short hair. From pixie cut to just straight cut short hair, she is always giving us chills. We also congratulate her on the journey to being a mom again. 

Gail Malabane. Picture: Instagram. 

Nandi Madida: Singer and TV personality, Nandi Madida has always been hair goals. If she’s not keeping her short hair with that Madiba line, then it’s a huge afro cut nicely trimmed, possibly with the line still. 

Nandi Madida. Picture: Instagram. 

LootLove: You just cannot hate on LootLove’s style. The radio presenter is always on point, form head to toe, she never disappoints. And her hair...always short and carefree. 

LootLove. Picture: Instagram.