Rihanna on a motorcycle at New York Fashion Week. Picture: Bebeto Matthews/AP

In case you missed it, here's a recap of our top lifestyle stories trending this week.

Why women lose interest in sex after just one year

Forget the seven-year itch – researchers claim it takes just one year for women to lose their passion in a relationship. Read more.

Enjoy halaal shisa nyama in Durban

Savoury wafts of sizzling meat billow from a garden restaurant nestled among the houses in the suburb of Sherwood. Read more.

PICS & VIDEO: Rihanna rides into NY Fashion Week like a rock star

Rihanna didn't walk into New York Fashion Week. She rode through it. Literally. Read more.

How relationships affect your sleep

Results from a recent study suggest that, even when we go to bed alone, the company we keep by day may determine how well we sleep at night. Read more.

Three reasons why red wine is good for you

Drinking wine with a meal could decrease your chance of having a stroke, heart attack and could increase brain longevity. Read more.

'My best friend's dating a younger man'

She warned me there was a slight age-gap, I never expected a 34-year-old to turn up. Read more.