Vanes-Marie du Toit. Picture: Supplied
They say dynamite comes in small packages, but Vanes-Mari du Toit habitually proves that theory wrong!
du Toit is currently applying her trade with the North West Flames Netball Team for the Brutal Fruit Championship.
The recent Dancing with the Stars SA celebrity contestant has everyone talking and it's not just about her dancing or her Netball, it’s all about fitness!
Why is fitness important to you?
Not only does exercise make you feel good as result of all the endorphins your body releases. It helps maintain a balanced lifestyle. It contributes to your well being holistically.
What is your current workout routine?
As a Professional netball player most of my work out routine includes footwork paired with hand-eye coordination drills. Sprinting paired with changing of direction. Plyometrics to improve elevation. Gym routine to improve my explosiveness.
As a professional Netball Player, how does your in-season training compare to your off-season training?
In season training is more directed to in-play specifics in a team formation where off-season is utilized to build strength and fitness as an individual. 

Because netball is a very high intensity sport in season we focus a lot in recovery like your ice baths, a lot of stretching and sport massages to keep lactic acid from building up that could influence your performance.
What do you like to wear when you work out?
I love wearing tights and loose fitting tops.
What is your must have workout accessory?
A water bottle.
What 3 things would we find in your workout bag?
My ipod, my fitness watch and sweat towel.
What’s your favourite pre-workout snack?
I love me some banana dipped in peanut butter. Or else half an avo on a slice of Low Gi bread.
Do you like to workout alone or with a partner/trainer/friend?
I do like to vary it. I play in a team so I’m always training with my team, but when I do gym work/ specific skill drills I like to push myself and train alone.
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