Watch: How To Make a Kota

The Big Boy Kota at Durban Kota House Picture: Gcina Ndwalana

The Big Boy Kota at Durban Kota House Picture: Gcina Ndwalana

Published Sep 23, 2017


Made from a quarter of a loaf of bread and a large variety of meaty fillings, it has to be one of the perfect fast food meals to get your tummy full.

So have you ever wanted to make up a Kota but needed some encouragement? We asked Durban Kota House to share with us their trick on how to make their Big Boy Kota.

Quarter of bread

Fried potato chips

1 Russian sausage

Sauce (any sauce of your choice will do)


Fried Onion rings

1 vienna sausage

Beef patty/ chicken patty/ rib patty


1 egg (optional)

Atchar (optional) 

Take the quarter of bread and cut out the soft part out into a square and toast it.

On the open space of the quarter of bread you put your first layer of fried chips followed by your Russian then add sauce, this can be your secret sauce.

Thereafter you can place polony or ham depending which one you like between the two.

Add another layer of fried chips and fried onion rings and drip your sauce again all around.

Add your Vienna.

Add your beef, chicken or rib patty, depending on the choice you like.

Add cheese or fried egg.

Take the small soft piece of bread you had cut out and toasted and place it on top.

If you like your Kota hot, you can also put in hot Atchar.



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