Susan Nxumalo.
Step up your shoe game by  wearing shoes that transform from day to night. The Stiefelmann Shoes can be transformed from flats to high heels, in a matter of minutes depending on your mood. 

Flat sandals by Stiefelmann Shoes. 

The new transformable shoes can be easily interchanged without any hassle. These shoes are meant to keep ladies away from carrying more than one pair of shoes, especially for those who can’t stand high heels the whole day. 

WATCH video below of flats transitioning into high heels

“Let’s say you’re wearing high heels and after some time, you’re no longer comfortable and your back is getting strained, you can simply transition to a heel you want”, a flat one perhaps", says Susan Nxumalo of  Stiefelmann Shoes South Africa. 

From flat sandals to high heels. 

The shoes will available online as of next week and Nxumalo hopes to collaborate with bigger outlets to have them available nationwide.