Midnight blues look.
Look good and learn how to do your own face beating with Nkiase Mahlo (23) of Fourways. Mahlo is a makeup artist who likes experimenting with herself, by creating different makeup looks. On her YouTube channel, hareandmakeup
, Mahlo shares makeup tutorials which are very helpful in terms of teaching one to do their own makeup. 

"A lot of my friends and family suggested having a YouTube channel and I was actually apprehensive about it because I'm quite shy but I'm working on this by trying to interact with more people online and take in suggestions and produce content that is requested. I've noticed support has suddenly shot up since I started involving others in what I love", Mahlo says.  

Before applying foundation, it's best to use prime and then add setting spray after the whole face is done. 

" I like to prime the face before applying a thin layer of a high quality, fine milled loosed powder all over the face (this is best for people with oily skin or are prone to sweating). I then use a stippling and buffing motion to apply foundation all over the face before using a lighter full coverage concealer and setting the "highlight" zone with a translucent/yellow loose powder (depending on the intended look I would bake). 

"Depending on your face shape and bone structure I'd ad a powder contour (people with very defined faces don't need this and it could make the makeup look 'muddy'). After that I would set the whole face with a pressed powder so there are no harsh lines. A first spritz of setting spray is next and then I'd dab the mist into the skin with a buffer brush to really get it *into* the skin. This is when I'd do brows and eyes before finishing off with a highlight, lashes, and a final spritz of setting spray. And that's the look!"

Watch: how to create midnight blue look: