WATCH: Voters share how they got their freebies on Election Day

If you voted you could collect your freebies. Picture: TikTok screenshot

If you voted you could collect your freebies. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Published May 30, 2024


On Election Day thousands of South Africans stood in long queues for hours to cast their vote.

As a reward, voters could score a couple of freebies from a few outlets if they showed their marked thumbs.

At the Spur, you could get a free cup of coffee, while Wimpy gave away cups of coffee or hot chocolate.

Krispy Kreme handed out one glazed doughnut per voter and you could score a free bath bomb at Lush.

Of course, successful voters, after spending hours in queues, took advantage of these free offerings.

TikTokers were eager to share what freebies they scored on the day.

Popular content creator Intezaar Kippie and his family popped into Canal Walk in Cape Town to collect their freebies.

After excitedly getting his free glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme he headed off to Spur for his cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, they were told they needed to sit down for a meal to get the free coffee.

They then went to Wimpy to successfully get their coffee.

Even though they were eager to get their bath bombs from Lush, they were out of stock by the time they got to the store.

@intezaar_kippie Guys run now to @Krispy Kreme @LUSH ♬ original sound - Intezaar Kippie

Another TikToker Kendra Hunsley scored big time when she and her boyfriend headed out to get their freebies after voting.

They managed to get their free coffees and both Wimpy and Spur and they even got their bath bombs from Lush.

@kendrahunsley1 Did you vote? #SAelections24 #SAelections #votingsouthafrica #votingday #votingday2024 #votingvlog #electionssouthafrica ♬ Ebasini (feat. Tman Xpress, Visca, Ceeka RSA, Sjavasdadeejayj & Al Xapo) - Tyler ICU & LeeMcKrazy

Robyn Garach and her husband managed to get their freebies as well.

Taking to the video app, she shared how they got their free doughnut from Krispy Kreme and a cup of coffee with their breakfast at Spur.

Unfortunately, they missed out on the bath bombs at Lush because they had already reached their quota for the day.

@robyngarach_ It was a lovely morning with the family! I've voted before, but never knew about certain freebies you can get from voting. So, this was a lovely treat this time round. #elections #nationalelection #southafrica #voting #freebies ♬ original sound - Robyn Garach

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