Helpful advice or cynical PR ploy? The Coca-Cola calculator lists calories but not the sugar content of each drink. Picture:

London - Just enjoyed a Diet Coke break? You’ll be pleased to hear that you won’t need to exercise to work off that fizzy drink.

However, according to a new exercise calculator, you’ll need to go for a brisk half-hour walk if you want to work off the calories from a standard, non-diet 330ml can.

The Work It Out Calculator has been launched by the Coca-Cola company and matches all of its popular drinks with how long it would take to burn off the calories through various forms of exercise.

So, while a 144 calorie can of Sprite could be worked off in an 18-minute Zumba class, it would take 47 minutes of ballroom dancing, or – if you could face it – 73 minutes of ironing.

It reveals that “healthier” vitamin drinks such as Glaceau vitamin water would still require a 13-minute cycle ride or vacuuming for 19 minutes.

But if household chores fill you with dread, Coca-Cola reminds readers: “Great music can put the fun into vacuuming. Crank up a fast-paced tune and burn some calories while you clean.”

The calculator also doesn’t mention just how much sugar is in its “full-fat products”.

A can of Coke contains 39g, or nine teaspoons of sugar, which is close to half of a woman’s recommended daily allowance of 90g. It also contains a surprising 1.25g of salt out of an RDA of 6g.

Coca-Cola said: “We want to help people understand how they can enjoy our drinks as part of a healthful balanced diet, while communicating the importance of an active lifestyle.”

The move will be seen by many as a cynical PR stunt to promote Coca-Cola as a healthy brand.

However, many will be keen to learn how much jogging they need to do after downing a can of Fanta (12 minutes, in case you're wondering). – Daily Mail

Top 10 ways to work off a can of coke (330ml)

* Squash 11 minutes

* Spinning class 14 minutes

* Jogging 17 minutes

* Climbing stairs 19 minutes

* Mowing the lawn 21 minutes

* Walking 30 minutes

* Yoga class 32 minutes

* Table tennis 34 minutes

* Ballroom dancing 45 minutes

* Vacuuming 70 minutes